Buying a house?

We are able to foresee the hidden potential in a property that you consider buying. Have the creative vision and also the process to back it up – maximizing your budget.
My team and i will turn any house into a home for you. Thinking out of the box, and being able to combine aesthetics with functionality. Will get you the result you want.

Selling your home?

When you want to sell your home – we can help with staging, face lift or minor remodeling. Sometimes, just picking the correct wall color paint, will do the ‘trick’.
We will team up with your real estate agent, and get you to the point where you can increase the resale value of your home, and get the most bang for your buck.

Want a ‘wow’ factor?

Want to wake up every morning in amazing space? Have the feeling of wow every time you open the door to your own home? Are you dreaming about this cozy feeling, warm, inviting atmosphere and the comfort of home?
These are the actual words our clients used to describe their feeling in their newly remodeled space. We have the listening for what you want. We have the skills and experience to design harmonious, well-balanced interiors for you. Color scheme, textures and accessories will create special rhythm. Furnishing will be in the correct scale and proportion for the space, and the style you like, will be incorporated in the architectural elements. All this and more importantly – the results will be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time highly functional and efficient.

Need your kitchen to be both functional & beautiful?

Ever get the feeling that you have to crawl into the cabinet to get something? It takes all the fun out of cooking. You can get some full extension soft closing drawers and pullouts! Or maybe you need more storage, and much more countertop space to work on? There is more than 1 good cook in the family? …but when trying to cook together… oh boy… you keep bumping to each other, no place to put your glass of wine, and can’t even open the refrigerator door when the other cook is standing just there, next to the sink, or un loading the dishwasher…

What is the golden triangle and what is it doing in my kitchen?

what about this enclosed kitchen space? You labored for hours – prepared a wonderful dinner for your guests – they are having fun in the dining/living room, and here you are by yourself not getting to enjoy them… before you know it they are gone, and you are left with the dirty dishes… that’s not the way you have pictured entertaining your guests.
Good kitchen design will create the dream kitchen for you! –that’s exactly my specialty.

Want your bath to feel like a spa?

You are asking yourself, how can i make it work with the small space that i have? Or maybe it sound too complicated and way beyond your budget?
Well, let us help you. My team and i are quality focused and detail oriented. We have created tens of amazing bathrooms, ones that you actually enjoy taking a bath in this luxurious freestanding soaking tub, feel the drops of the rain shower, share the double sink vanity and feel the warmth when walking barefoot on the heated tile floors.

The flow of the house doesn’t work for you?

Your home is a prefect location, great neighbors and good schools… there is a ‘but’ – the flow doesn’t work for you, you don’t have enough room to hang out, watch tv, the entry to the rooms or bathroom is not private? Everybody can see your toilet? Need your in laws to stay with you for longer period of time? Can’t find a way to layout your furniture? Not enough spaces for all the activities you would like to have in your home? You dream of a comfortable, cozy home, but just can’t see how it will work in your space?
Space planning is crucial when these are your concerns, we will create several concepts of your home plans for you to choose from. The floor plans will meet your activity/ family dynamic. Usually our clients’ reactions to the floor plans presentation are ‘jaw dropping’, saying: “we could never think of that solution”, especially when the requirement is to stay within the footprint and rooflines of the existing home.
In case you can’t read floor plans we can provide you with 3d rendering, elevations and isometric sketches.

Want your remodeling to pay off when selling your home?

Don’t want to sell now, but still want your remodeling to pay off when selling? We are looking at the big picture, design in a way that will incorporate your personal style, and will not be taste specific – at the same time. The design is timeless and priceless.
Over the years, my clients have sold their homes with multiple offers “war” between the buyers, above market price – their investment was paid back big time, and they got to enjoy it all these years until selling.
Yes, they hired us again to design their new home. Yes, the buyers who lost the offer “war”, hired us to “create the magic” in the house they end up buying. The numbers/facts are our best recommendation.

Would love to have all of that, but don’t know where to start? What my budget will allow for?

Not sure where to start? What you want to achieve? What can you afford? Your spouse and you are not in agreement? Are you the kind of person that knows exactly what you want? Want to do it all by yourself? Love furniture stores and picking up colors? … you just need this professional overlook and ideas to wrap it all up?
We offer “by the hour” design consultation services. We will come out to your home/space, answer all your questions, giving you the advice you need and the peace of mind in regards to your project.

Need a permit?

Don’t know if you actually need a permit? What are the codes and building codes requirements? We have the answers. In case you need it – will provide you with full set of blue prints and guide you though the permit process.

Here is a list of a typical permit and construction plans:

      • Project info -including parcel, set backs, general plans of before and after at 1/8” scale – no dims, no portable furniture (including built ins)
      • Existing & demolition plan (including dims for demo parts)
      • Proposed floor plan
      • Dimension plan  – no portable furniture
      • Built inns section & elevations (as needed)
      • Electrical & lighting plan (RCP– reflected ceiling plan)
      • Mechanical – no portable furniture
      • Interior elevations
      • Kitchen elevations
      • Bath elevations
      • Tile & counter tops layout
      • Cabinet sections (in case of custom made cabinetry)
      • Exterior elevations


For any questions and inquiries regarding services email Ayelet

Full List of Services

  • Kitchen & Bath Design and planning
  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Sustainable “green” Design
  • Universal Design (ADA compliant)
  • Interior Design
  • Planning and solutions for Entire Home Renovation
  • Addition SF to existing home
  • Floor Plans
  • Interior Architecture
  • City Permit plans – set of blueprints
  • City and state Requirements & Building Code research
  • Lighting Design
  • Space planning
  • Design Conceptualization
  • Furniture Layout
  • Remodeling suggestions
  • Estimate & Budget follow up
  • FFE - Furniture Furnishings and Equipment
  • Tile and Countertop Layout
  • Interior Decoration
  • Finishes & Materials selection
  • Color Consultation
  • Fabric & Furniture Textiles coordination
  • Planning built in cabinetry
  • Design Research
  • Staging
  • Organization
  • 3D rendering
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit