@nazkatoon (Houzz), 2015
“We worked with Ayelet on our house remodel. She spent time to interview us and made sure she understood clearly what we had in mind. She then worked with her team to produce concepts for us and helped us through making the hard decisions on the details. She has a great sense for what we wanted and has a whimsical and wonderful sense of architecture. She was very responsive to our phone calls and e-mails; she provided us with number of resources that helped us throughout the remodel process.
She is very professional and dedicated to her craft; our experience with her has been wonderful and we highly recommend Ayelet and her team.“
@nidss (Houzz), 2015
“I hired Ayelet to design my home for a complete remodel. Ayelet is full of ideas and came up with multiple, absolutely amazing, concepts. She and her team were with my throughout my year-long project.Ayelet and her team:
-Suggested multiple innovative concepts and designed my project
-Did complete set of plans for one of the strictest cities in the area (which were passed in the first go!)
-Helped me choose the contractor
-Acted as a spokesperson for me
-Guided us throughout the project
-Helped us prevent expensive mistakesI had a wonderful experience with her and cant recommend her enough!“
@esty (Houzz), 2015
“Ayelet has recently designed out new remodeled home. She did a great job!The thing we like the most is that the living room is a part of the house and the family can sit in together. We like the flow between bedrooms and the great room/kitchen, creating a private but also social environment. Love the open space concept, it creates good family dynamics.There’s a good balance between family privacy and family interaction.
Love to open the windows for lots of natural light and cross ventilation.Love the master suit privacy and spacious bathroom and shower.

The house is welcoming with good host atmosphere and vibe.
The kitchen is accessible and easy to use, with full extension soft closing drawers/doors, lots of counter space, and storage. Very efficient cabinet layout creates good work flow.

Indoor to outdoor accessibility and visibility is great as well.“

@liat16 (Houzz), 2015
“A few years ago, Ayelet helped us in remodeling our house.
She planned and designed our beautiful kitchen and living room.
Ayelet is very creative and professional. She is very organized. She was guiding us at every step of the way while trying to satisfy both our functional needs and also our dream kitchen vision.
Ayelet had very useful tips on how to save money by using on sale items or going to the right stores.
Ayelet- it was a pleasure working with you!
And most of all- we LOVE our kitchen and living room!!!
A year ago, we listed our house for sale and got endless compliments from potential buyers who loved the kitchen . We are absolutely positive that the great job Ayelet did in designing our kitchen helped to add to the resale value .
Thank you Ayelet!“
Cupertino, 2008
“After working with Ayelet, it was clear we had found someone who could make us feel at ease with renovations and construction. The process was seamless and simple. The level of understanding that Ayelet provides is irreplaceable, she is the consummate professional, she listens, makes sensible suggestions, listens some more, and implements. We communicated very well & she was always open to my ideas. Whenever we needed to talk, Ayelet was available. This streamlined process saves so much time!
Ayelet is a master at her area of expertise, she helped me get through all the details without the pain and have it turn out even better than I could have imagined. Her capacity to really understand what we wanted and to “feel” the space resulted in a final product that exceeded our expectations and took it to the next level that set our project apart! The compliments on the finished project are never ending!!!!
I have never been happier with anyone’s work and felt such confidence as I do in her ability. I would highly recommend Ayelet to anyone looking for a designer!”
“The endless flow of the spaces that Ayelet has designed for us, brings harmony and a sense of empowerment to our lives. The kitchen is designed in a way that makes the work overwhelmingly easy, and is now a place of refuge, a place for bonding and a source of endless fond memories.”
Los Gatos, 2011
“After years of frustration and disdain for our master bedroom and bath, we were finally able to tackle the project. The last bird left the nest and we now had the unobstructed freedom to make some changes. We started with a few contractors and bathroom modelers. After several disappointing, unimaginative “tear out and replace” proposals, we were left disenchanted. Based upon a connection at my work, we were introduced to Ayelet. After introductions, we were convinced that she had the creativity and imagination we were seeking. She started with a tape measure and basic Q&A about budget, tastes, wish lists, etc. Within sort time we met again where we went through several iterations on designs and layout changes. With a creative move of a wall and displacing existing closets from one wall to another we were able to expand the bathroom, the shower, and closet, only at the modest expense to our daughter’s (the last bird to leave the nest) room being reduced by 2 feet. Ayelet then was able to help us with lighting, finish decisions (tile, wall coverings, accessories, etc.), and referral to a great contractor. She was able to provide recommendations based upon our budget constraints as well as design preferences. After 8 weeks of dust and hammer pounding, we are now 99% complete with only a small amount of trim painting left. We love the space, the layout, the privacy, the serenity. It’s like we’re living in a 5 star hotel room. It’s hard to imagine how everything has changed and the reward we have as a result of Ayelet’s expertise and creativity in design, layout and finish.”
Los Altos, 2013
“Ayelet is fantastic. She listens to her clients and helps them design a space that they can call home.
We hired Ayelet to help us with design for a whole house.
She has original and creative ideas. She greatly improved on our architect’s design for the house by changing the entry. This makes our great room unique and interesting. Just for this it was worth hiring her.
Ayelet reconfigured the kitchen to make it work for us. She spent time with us learning who uses the kitchen and how. She configured the drawers and major appliances based on that.
She has excellent follow-through. She spoke with all of our subs and made sure that they understood her designs so that they could accurately implement them. She also came several times to make sure things were progressing as planned.
Ayelet has great attention to detail and spatial awareness – from location of cabinet handles to making sure the vent hood cover (for the cook top) looks good.
She also recommended places to buy hardwood floors, tiles, and fixtures that had great prices for quality items.
I highly recommend Ayelet.”
San Jose, 2010
“My wife and I invited Ayelet Designs into our remodel project which consisted of a bathroom removal and hallway laundry niche conversion.
We had developed some rough sketches from ideas developed in the 10 years of ownership and living with what we considered sub-par rooms.
Over the course of a few hours, Ayelet listened and reviewed our ideas and professionally showed us the many mistakes and alternatives we had not previously considered. Had we not had a professional review, if implemented, our ideas would have cost us nearly 40% more to create, and we wouldn’t have extracted the full value due to our inefficient use of space.
We went with her recommendations and were overjoyed with the results!
If you are contemplating a project, we recommend you contact Ayelet. You will save time, money, and the headache of contemplating design/design features vs. expense. More importantly, you will appreciate the value of the finished product!
Sunnyvale, 2009
“We absolutely love our new home. Ayelet put a great deal of time and effort into our entire home remodeling project and I must say that the outcome has exceeded our expectations. We have an amazing home. She was very professional throughout the entire project. She found ways to minimize the cost, but at the same time insisted on quality and making sure all the design elements worked together harmoniously. Ayelet made all of the design plans, researched the materials, helped us with color selections, furniture configurations, appliances, fabrics, and carried out the project supervision making sure the job was done right according to the design plan, budget, and time. Ayelet is very creative, talented, honest, and hardworking which is why we highly recommend her for any interior design projects.“
Mountain View, 2010
“I would highly recommend Ayelet, an interior designer who specializes in kitchen remodeling.
Ayelet helped me in my home remodeling, specifically in the kitchen area. Ayelet found me some great deals for cabinets and a counter top, she designed the kitchen layout and resolved some tricky problems, helped me select colors and materials, and assisted in working with the manufacturers and installers.
Ayelet took my taste and style as her own, but knew where to stand her ground and give me a professional outlook when I was about to paint myself into a corner (literally!). Being a true perfectionist and a dedicated professional, Ayelet spent extra time and effort to make sure I’m satisfied with my new Kitchen.
I look forward to working with Ayelet again in any future projects.“
Sunnyvale, 2013
“Ayelet is extremely creative, very detail oriented and has great taste. Working with her was a pleasure, very easy to deal with, she kept surprising us with new design ideas, and always thinking about cost and functionality.
Ayelet worked with us very close through the whole project, which brought a lot of confidence to the success of the remodeling.
We will continue working with Ayelet in future remodeling and highly recommend her as your next home designer!”
Foster City, 2013
“Ayelet and her associates did a great job for our remodeling design.
As we want to extensively change our kitchen and family room, plus all 3 bathrooms, they carefully listened to what we want and made several good design proposals for us to choose, and over multiple meetings they guided us to select one that fits everyone’s needs and very functional.
They helped us every steps of the way, including concepts, design, selecting all kinds of materials, getting blue prints and permits, and hiring contractors and more.
We are very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to everyone.”
Sunnyvale, 2009
“Ayelet helped us redesigned our kitchen. We had a small old kitchen and with Ayelet’s help we were able to get a large open area with plenty of storage space.
Ayelet always smiles and very easy to work with. She came up with three options, no wall changes, a few changes and a complete rearrangement of the kitchen. We picked the option with a few changes and Ayelet helped us pick and arrange the cabinets, counter top, back-splash and wall color, all to our taste, not forcing her own.
The kitchen came out great; a huge change from what it looked before. Even accidental visitors are commenting how great it looks.
Thank you Ayelet. “
“Ayelet designed our new home remodeling, which included bathrooms, kitchen, light fixtures selection and paint color selection for the whole house. Ayelet is very creative and had a lots of ideas how to match our house to our needs and desires.
Working with Ayelet was great. She is very professional and dedicated and has a good attitude . She has a great staff working with her. We love our new home and we feel it is exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Ayelet for anyone who seeks interesting and innovating design concepts.”
San Francisco, 2013 “Ayelet’s design transformed our dark, outdated, non-functional kitchen into an amazing space. This was no easy task! We removed a support wall and completely gutted the kitchen. Thanks to Ayelet and her team we now have a functional kitchen, with fantastic lighting. It’s everything we dreamed of.”
Sunnyvale, 2013 “I had a pleasure working with Ayelet. Ayelet helped me with my new kitchen design. She gave me a perfect plan that allowed me to have my desired kitchen with minimal structure change. Ayelet is very professional, she is very patient and notices every detail making everything look perfect. I highly recommend Ayelet.”
Sunnyvale, 2009
“Dear Ayelet, Thank you for the beautiful design and the smooth process obtaining the building permit. You put thought into practical use and layout as well as appearance. The result is absolutely beautiful and I love it.
My kitchen looks more spacious and bright and very contemporary and clean. Your idea to turn the ugly old fireplace into a contemporary insert was great! I have a remote controlled, glass pieces, gas fireplace that will be in use for the first time since we bought our home 15 years ago.”
Sunnyvale, 2009
“Dear Ayelet, We appreciate all you have done for us in helping to realize our wishes for our home! You have become a dear friend to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Mountain View, 2010
“Ayelet designed our new kitchen.
The result was amazing, modern kitchen that looks amazing every thing was thought off in advance, the working space lighting access to appliances and etc.
Ayelet accompanied the kitchen remodeling from the start to the license from city hall; work with the contractor until the end result.
Ayelet has an exceptional ability for creating beautiful things. I saw some of her other designs and all looks amazing. She is very talented.”
Sunnyvale, 2010
“Ayelet is a highly professional interior designer. She’s very warm and open and she’ll go great length to understand exactly client’s inclinations and wishes. She’s a fountain of design ideas and she’ll go above and beyond the duty to make customer happy with the finished project. Ayelet will not compromise on functionality and aesthetic value and will make a big effort to educate the customer when needed. She’ll also find great deals and good sources for almost any interior design item, definitely for kitchen remodel supplies and suppliers (countertops, cabinets, tiles etc.). Highly recommended.”
Mountain View, 2010
“”I worked with Ayelet first as a colleague and then she helped me during my remodel. In both cases I could see how much Ayelet cares about the quality of the work she delivers, well-being and degree of satisfaction of her clients. Dealing with her is a pleasure, she gives advices without pushing her views, and she respects your feedback. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Sunnyvale, 2011
“Ayelet helped us in remodeling our house about a year ago.
She planned and designed our beautiful kitchen and living room.
Ayelet is very creative and professional. She is very organized. She was guiding us at every step of the way while trying to satisfy both our functional needs and also our dream kitchen vision.
Ayelet had very useful tips on how to save money by using on sale items or going to the right stores.
Ayelet- it was a pleasure working with you!
And most of all- we LOVE our kitchen and living room!!!
Thank you!
Santa Cruz, 2012
“Ayelet and her team did a great job for us on a high end remodel on the water in Santa Cruz. Great ideas and vision, we changed up the floor plan, added some features and designed and chose all the finishes and did it all within budget that they origially told me it would be hard to do. They worked hard to get the design and style and nice, high end products while keeping the budget.
Great job!! “
Santa Clara, 2012
“I highly recommend Ayelet for remodeling a house structurally and for interior design. She has an eye for style, saving space, colors, materials, and textures.
She is accurate, timely, and professional. We worked on a very challenging space in my house for 1 year before we implemented it and she was very patient and focused.
In the end we had a great design. She also had great contacts to do the work and through her I found lots of great professionals to work with (Thank you Koby!).
The house feels much bigger, although I didn’t add any square footage and I have much larger kitchen and more storage to fit my needs. She found out my needs and lifestyle, and made the kitchen fit me. The kitchen is now so comfortable and easy to cook in, I love it! And she helped me pick out tiles, flooring, and counter tops to match the kitchen and living room area. The kitchen used to be a separate room, and now it’s open, separated by a small bar which is a beautiful transition for the space.”
Los Altos, 2013
“Ayelet was able to take a single level 1440 square foot condo that was built in the mid 1960’s and turn it into the envy of the other 80-condo owners. It now looks Chic and modern with a large modern kitchen that is a pleasure to cook in, a great room, a master suite with private bath, sitting area and walking closet. Ayelet and her team conceived of multiple designs. We chose one. They delivered detailed plans, which allowed the contractor to build the design with very little “extra charges” for items not planed.
I whole-heartedly recommend Ayelet. And would hire her again.”


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